Dec 272009

The View from MasadaWhen we did our filming in Israel we filmed a music segment on Masada, in light of current events I thought I would publish this on our blog I wrote this as a close to the segment but because of time we were not able to film this closing, here is the written copy.

Never Again

It is very fitting that we end our discovery of Israel at this place called Masada.

This was the scene where the state of Israel came to an end for a period of 1900 years. Now we stand on this rock with the acknowledgment that Israel is now reborn and is a very young country with a very old history.

Masada is where Israeli soldiers have given their oath of “Never Again.” It is also a national symbol to the people of Israel of the cost of freedom. 960 men women and children held back the powerful Roman army for three years.

Elizar Ben Yair said to his followers the night before the final invasion, “we have within our power to die bravely in a state of freedom.” These amazing people chose to commit and act of self sacrifice depriving there enemies of a sure victory they chose death over slavery for the men and prostitution for the women.

The symbol is clear upon this rock we will choose to pay a high price for freedom. We are surrounded by our enemies but they cannot take away God’s most precious gift the gift of freedom…
I have traveled this country from one end to the other and I have asked the question to myself — what is it that makes this land and this people so unique?
The answer: it’s all to do with a promise of freedom. It is the idea that one day from around the world a people would be called home. Called to a place surrounded by enemies but like the psalmist David put it , even thou I walk through the shadow of death I will fear no Evil for you are with me.
I asked one of my close friends to put write a song as a gift from North America to Israel, the song Colin Wiebe wrote works for all mankind but it is extremely relevant for Israel… it is called Never Again…
This to me sums up the attitude and the spirit of the Israeli people. I would rather die than give up our land and our freedom…and we stand on the Rock of God’s promises and embrace our freedom for all eternity.
And I will choose not to live in fear but I will live with dignity and with great anticipation for the future. I am Israeli… I am Israel.

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